Sunday, November 21, 2010

NEW CONTEST : Home Sweet Home

What if Eric lived in your hometown? Or Sookie visited the place where you grew up? Or maybe Jason was dating the girl next door to where you live now? Or Bill seduced the cashier at your local supermarket because she could get him free coupons? Or Amelia turned your hairdresser into a parrot? Or the guy two doors down from you had a dog named Alcide? Or Pam was your local soccer mum? Or, or….

Write a story about any or all of the SVM characters and put them in a place in which you’ve lived. It can be a country, state, province, city, town, village, or even neighborhood that you’ve called home. What happens there is entirely up to you!

Contest is open to ALL. This is not an anonymous contest. Winners will be determined by public vote. 

All entries must be posted between February 15th and March 31st (midnight, EST).
For more information click here.

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