Friday, November 26, 2010

Happily (N)ever After Contest

Happily (N)ever After Contest

Happy endings. We all love ‘em, but they’ve been done. To death. They’ve become predictable, and sometimes a little cliched. As much as we’d like it to happen, happy endings aren’t always possible. Besides, we all know the only real happy endings happen in fairy tales anyway. So, in the spirit of shaking things up and keeping it real, we proudly present the Happily (N)ever After Contest.

This contest is open to all pairings, and pretty much any style of story you want to write. All human, Alternate Universe, Canon…whatever floats your boat, so long as your pairing/main character doesn’t get the much sought after HEA.

Maybe you have an inner angsty side and you want to let her out. Maybe you have never tried writing unhappy things, and you want to stretch your writing muscles a bit. This is about changing it up, going against the grain, trying something different, and it could be a lot of fun to discover what you’re capable of.

Your Hostesses:
Slacker Dee

Your Judges:
Chanel Addict

For more info, check out:

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dane DeHaan also new to Season 4

Dane DeHaan announced on his Twitter account: “Stoked about my new gig on trueblood !”
It is unknown what part the 23 year old will play.
He’s been Twitting a bit and mentions, Not a vampire… but certainly not a human… you’ll have to watch and find out!
I don’t know much about this lad… will have to wait and see also…


After talking to some very wise ladies in twitter, we came up with two  canon characters he might be playing. 
1. Claude
2. Bob
Or he might be a completely new character in this season.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Charlaine Harris "Dead Reckoning" (Book 11) Cover Art Released

 Charlaine Harris released the new cover for her 11th Book in the Southern Vampire Mysteries series titled, Dead Reckoning.

I'm liking the green dress on Sookie and all, but WHERE IS ERIC? *sobs* I really hope Charlaine Harris doesn't follow through on her threat to dissolve the bond or marriage Sookie and Eric have, but by the look of this cover, our Viking is nowhere to be found. I can't help but fear for the worst, and the synopsis doesn't help in the least.

Synopsis for Dead Reckoning:
"With her knack for being in trouble’s way, Sookie witnesses the firebombing of Merlotte’s, the bar where she works. Since Sam Merlotte is now known to be two-natured, suspicion falls immediately on the anti-shifters in the area. But Sookie suspects otherwise and she and Sam work together to uncover the culprit – and the twisted motive for the attack. But her attention is divided. Though she can’t ‘read’ vampires, Sookie knows her lover Eric Northman and his ‘child’ Pam well – and she realises that they are plotting to kill the vampire who is now their master. Gradually, she is drawn into the plot -which is much more complicated than she knows. Caught up in the politics of the vampire world, Sookie will learn that she is as much of a pawn as any ordinary human – and that there is a new Queen on the board..."

What do you think is in store for Sookie and Eric? 


Sunday, November 21, 2010

NEW CONTEST : Home Sweet Home

What if Eric lived in your hometown? Or Sookie visited the place where you grew up? Or maybe Jason was dating the girl next door to where you live now? Or Bill seduced the cashier at your local supermarket because she could get him free coupons? Or Amelia turned your hairdresser into a parrot? Or the guy two doors down from you had a dog named Alcide? Or Pam was your local soccer mum? Or, or….

Write a story about any or all of the SVM characters and put them in a place in which you’ve lived. It can be a country, state, province, city, town, village, or even neighborhood that you’ve called home. What happens there is entirely up to you!

Contest is open to ALL. This is not an anonymous contest. Winners will be determined by public vote. 

All entries must be posted between February 15th and March 31st (midnight, EST).
For more information click here.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Joe Manganiello in Vanity Fair Italy

Joe Manganiello recently did a photo shoot for Vanity Fair Italy. Below are a few of the photos from that shoot. Enjoy and try to keep the drooling to a minimum.

(Source) Photos by: Nino Munoz

Valentine's Fae Tales Contest

Fairy tales usually have happy endings. We all know what has happened in stories like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White. It is usually a lot of romance where the princes come to the rescue.

What happens when the prince is a Viking vampire or Cinderella is actually a telepath? How far can Sookie fall down the rabbit hole before Mad Hatter Eric catches her? What if Sookie fell asleep for 1000 years because of a curse and it took a young Eric to kiss her and break the spell?

Play with your imagination. Be funny or serious. Make it a mystery or an epic fairy tale romance. Whatever you are into, write your own version of a SVM fairy tale.

Happily Ever Afters and Lemons not required but appreciated!

Your Host is: blackdeadorchids (Krystle)

Submissions are accepted beginning: Monday, December 6, 2010 – Friday, January 21, 2011.

Final submission: Friday, January 21, 10 pm PST, 12pm CST.

Final Judging deadline: January 31.

Final Posting to Fanfiction Community: Wednesday, February 2, 6am PST, 8am CST
If links are not received by that time the story will not be included in Public Judging.

Public voting of the Judges top 6: Wednesday, February 2, – Monday, February 7.

jmurgatroid-98, VALady,
ShadoKat, charhamblin, TheLadyKT, NelBearPig, Mrs.Northman, and donael!

For more information see the official blog:

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Plug In Your Fic With Area Five

I have been seeing allot of tweets about Area Five for the last months. So as an honest reporter *snort* I dived in twitter and found the brains behind the site.
Vicllane (@twitter) and VampireQueen over at Area Five agreed to answer few of my question about the site.

What is Area Five? 

Area Five is an adult, quality controlled archive for Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood fan fiction.

When/why did it get started? 

The idea for the archive came about because of an msn chat I had with the lady who owns the site. I was complaining about the situation at, where some authors were being targeted due to the adult content of their stories. Jodie (the owner) already ran a few Harry Potter fan fiction archives, and she told me she would set up a SVM/True Blood archive if I would run it for her. I of course agreed right away. That was back in September of this year.

Who are the admins of the site?

They're two admins on the site. MistressHerveaux, who is the owner of the site. And VampireQueen (which is me) I run the day to day operation for it. Validating the stories, and promoting it as best I can.

Validating the stories, how does that work exactly?

Validating is a simple. When someone submits a story it goes into a queue. I read over the story, checking for any errors. Canon words misspelled, spelling errors, etc. If there are any, I will either fixes them if there aren't too many, if the there are too many errors, the story is rejected. If a story is rejected will we give reasons for it, if the mistakes are fixed they can resubmit and providing is okay it'll be validated and accepted to the site.

Why should ff authors post on the site?

Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood fandoms are small fandoms but they are growing each day. At Area Five will accept all pairings, all ratings, all genres. We encourage rare pairings. We have/will have regular challenges. We encourage all kinds of interaction on the site, it is not just for authors. If you are just an avid reader of fan fiction will like to hear from you too.

Thank you Vickie, for answering these questions for us. :D

Don't forget to check out Area Five. I have already signed up, and I always go by ----

Friday, November 12, 2010

New Cast Members Of True Blood

Portia Bellefleur would be played by Courtney Ford (actress on Dexter) a classic Southern beauty who runs her own law practice. The character is the sister of Bon Temps' bumbling detective Andy (Chris Bauer).
Bill Compton and Portia Bellefleur!!!
Fiona Shaw will be playing the role of Marnie. 
Fiona Shaw veteran Irish theater actress and director will be playing new regular role as Marnie on the HBO vampire series for next season. 
who is probably best known in the U.S. for her role as Aunt Petunia in the Harry Potter movies. 
Marnie -  a mousy, timid and secretly self loathing storefront medium and palm reader who is taken over by the spirit of a powerful witch.
 Sooooooo I am not really seeing Aunt Petunia doing a pole dance for Eric here. lol

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

SVM/TB Vault

Smittenskitten, Southernlady23, and I have teamed up to create a new one-stop doc to help everyone locate their favorite SVM/TB authors, readers, and other SVM/TB fan fiction posting sites.

If you are interested in joining this directory please use the form located on the navigation bar to input your information.

SVM/TB Vault - Form

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Write the Songs contest: Public Voting Is Now Open

Top 8 of the judges’ vote for the I Write the Songs contest is up for public voting. 

Click here to vote.

There are a total of 51 entries. You can red find them here.
Don't forget to cast your vote and of course review. :)

Great work judges


Round of applause to Northman Maille (Alison) and Northwoman (Anne) for putting up such a great Contest. 

Voting will be open until Sunday November 14th at  6 p.m.  CST.
All winners will be announced Monday, November 15th.
So don't forget to vote.

A New Chapter Contest

A New Chapter Contest is an all new ALL HUMAN contest for new writers.

Since this is an all human contest, your goal for this contest will be to give our favorite SVM characters a new bundle of joy. That's right, a baby!

All pairings are acceptable. This is not a E/S centric contest. All you have to do is tell us the story of how the couple got to the hospital in the first place. Of course, they fell in love, and now there's a baby on the way, but how did it happen? Was it love at first sight, or did they hate each other for years? Was the baby a surprise, or was it planned? All the fun details are up to you. The only thing that MUST happen, is the birth of a human baby.

COME ON WRITERS! Lets bring out the inner mommy and daddy in this awesome characters, You know you want to!! 

Contest is now open for the new writers to submit their stories.
Deadline December 12, 2010
Plenty of time for you to come up with a one shot. Get your pens and papers (Docs) and start writing!

I Couldn't resist

New Site Testing 4 3 2 1 ....

After much struggling with ning and some other temporary sites, I have decided to make SVM Universe into a blog. 

Follow Fuck Yeah SVM Universe on Tumblr and svmuniverse twitter

This would be fully dedicated to the Southern Vampire Mysteries books and True Blood related stuff. Such as fnfics, TB news, fandom contest etc. 

SVM-Universe is an unofficial site made by fans, and run by fans. We are not associated with Charlaine Harris, her Publisher, HBO, or any of the actors associated with the show 'True Blood'. We are not in communication with anyone associated with the SVM/TB franchises, and we cannot contact them in any way, nor forward any communications to them. This site is specially not for profit. All original rights to any material is credited to their respective owners.