Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Sorry for the delay folks. But I got really wasted...  
Hope everyone spent their new years eve as they wanted. :D
So it's the beginning of 2011, rumors already flying around about TRUE BLOOD.
First of all - we all know shooting started last November. And this is the year of BOOK 4 DEAD TO THE WORLD...
We all know what that means? ERIC TURNS INTO A CAT.
So who is excited?? I know I am

 Valentine Fae Tale is still excepting entries. 
Goo go write a fae tale for the contest. Keep it human or vamp. Go Disney if you want. There are no limits on the faeness one can produce. Drag out an idea get your pen and paper (docs) and start writing.

 Happy (N)ever After Contest is also excepting entries. 
Now how many writers are out there thinking of a angsty fic? COME ON PEOPLE I know there are lot of angst in the fandom. This is your chance to put all the angst you can master in your story and submit here.

More contest will be open very soon. And of course as long as there is TRUE BLOOD rumors (no matter how crazy they are) we are here for you.