Friday, November 26, 2010

Happily (N)ever After Contest

Happily (N)ever After Contest

Happy endings. We all love ‘em, but they’ve been done. To death. They’ve become predictable, and sometimes a little cliched. As much as we’d like it to happen, happy endings aren’t always possible. Besides, we all know the only real happy endings happen in fairy tales anyway. So, in the spirit of shaking things up and keeping it real, we proudly present the Happily (N)ever After Contest.

This contest is open to all pairings, and pretty much any style of story you want to write. All human, Alternate Universe, Canon…whatever floats your boat, so long as your pairing/main character doesn’t get the much sought after HEA.

Maybe you have an inner angsty side and you want to let her out. Maybe you have never tried writing unhappy things, and you want to stretch your writing muscles a bit. This is about changing it up, going against the grain, trying something different, and it could be a lot of fun to discover what you’re capable of.

Your Hostesses:
Slacker Dee

Your Judges:
Chanel Addict

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